Vision and Mission

The NACC/PSW promotes awareness of care giving through nursing, social work and home making skills, so that professional values are understood, respected and optimized within the health system.
• NACC/PSW Members Demonstrate Care, Compassion, Commitment, Co-operation, Competency, Communication and Caring Skills (The 7 Cs)
• Continuous Quality Improvement in the Standards of Care
• Registry of Certified Caregivers/Personal Support Workers
• Direction for Insurance Benefits Plans
• Advocacy for Caregivers and Caregiving in the Interest of Public Service
• An ABC Plan for Personal Support Workers that stands for Advocacy, Benefits and Curriculum

NACC/PSW facilitates the self-regulation of CPSWs, in that NACC/PSW advances international health, care giving, and the development of the front line CPSW in Canada and abroad to support global health and equity.

PSW Certification Examination: The certification exam applications are available at NACC/PSW.

CPSW Attitudes and Attributes: Empathy, Flexibility, Assertiveness, Respect for Confidentiality, Sense of Humour, Open-minded, Dedication, Caring/Compassionate, Patient, Role Model, Respectful, Positive/Optimistic, Confident/Self-accepting/Good Self-image, Approachable/Friendly, Responsible/Accountable, Motivated/Initiative/Active, Interested, Objective/Impartial, Nonjudgmental, Cooperative, Trustworthy, Honest, Humble, Treat People As Equals, Good Appearance (Neat), Supportive/Encouraging, Realistic, Self-disciplined, Reliable, Outgoing, Prompt/Punctual, Community-minded/Willing to Volunteer, Able to Accept Criticism, Attentive, Genuine, Pleasant/Courteous, Resourceful/Creative, Inner Strength, Willing/Able to Assess Self.